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Nordest Shipping Agency provide high quality standards services to more than 300 Ship Owners, Operators, Charterers, Brokers and Receivers,tramp ships for all kind of goods, she is specialized in bulk , fertilizers, chemicals and steel works. Our experienced and professional team is able to ensure the needs of our customers in order to satisfy always their needings.

About us

Nordest Shipping Agency born in May 2013 from an idea of 4 colleague, working in marittime, customs and forwarding area from decades, with a lot of different experiences and a unique passion: sailing and living the sea.


Venezia - Marghera

Venice - Marghera

The commercial port of Venice-Marghera continues the long maritime tradition and trade services with the rest of the world that Serenissima Venetian Republic.
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Nordest Shipping Agency has its branch in the port of Ravenna, the only port in Emilia Romagna
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In the south lagoon of Venice, another city that has always been devoted to the sea and its trades has over the years established a port of excellence.
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Nordest Shipping non lascia nulla al caso, attraverso la collaborazione con la F.lli Chiesura Srl & Partners, è presente al porto di Trieste, Punto Franco Nuovo
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