About us

Born in May 2013

Nordest Shipping Agency born in May 2013 from an idea of 4 colleague, working in marittime, customs and forwarding area from decades, with a lot of different experiences and a unique passion: sailing and living the sea. Foundation of Nordest Shipping Agency comes to life with Paolo, SImona and Andrea, they were the first three partners who built the statute and the main business road. Fabio joins them shortly. That’s how our corporate company took shape. Paolo and Simona, with their experience and willpower, take the reins of command, flanked by their twice valiant partners, and tireless shipping warriors Fabio and Andrea! Experience, flexibility of thought and versatility of port management in its own means and reliability, are the cornerstones of the Nordest Shipping Agency. Since 2013, to serve its customers, by sea, land, air, from door to door, always at your side.
Paolo – Simona – Fabio – Andrea