Venice - Marghera

Nordest Shipping Agency headquarters is in Venice – Marghera.
The commercial port of Venice-Marghera continues the long maritime tradition and trade services with the rest of the world that Serenissima Venetian Republic has established over the centuries. Located in the Porto Marghera area, it is one of the most important ports in the North Adriatic, a point of departure and arrival for connections with Northern Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as with all the Mediterranean countries and with a strong predisposition for import and export with the Far-East countries, following the traditional of one of the most famous Venetians of the ancient era started: Marco Polo.
Maximum draft 11.50 mt.


Nordest Shipping Agency has her 1st branch in the port of Ravenna, the only port in Emilia Romagna, equipped with various infrastructures and private terminals, offers a wide range of services for any type of goods, with the possibility of storage both indoors and outdoors. inside the warehouses, and in the large open areas located in the port area. It has growed up over the years to become one of the 83 European “most important ports”.
Draft allowed from 7.40 mt to maximum 10.20 mt with favorable tide.


In the south lagoon of Venice, another city that has always been devoted to the sea and its trades has over the years established a port of excellence.
The new port of Chioggia, located in Valdario,and no longer on the Saloni’s island, too central and close to the residences, specializes in the meticulous handling of certain types of goods, from salt to dry bulk, iron and steel products in packages and general cargoes.
Maximum draft of 7 meters at high tide.


Nordest Shipping leaves nothing to chance, through the collaboration with F.lli Chiesura Srl & Partners, she is present at the port of Trieste, Punto Franco Nuovo.
Located in the heart of Europe, at the meeting point between the maritime routes and the European, Adriatic-Baltic and Mediterranean corridors, the Port of Trieste, due to its geographical position, guarantees, through particular commercial and political agreements, a special regime of free zones, regular ocean connections, due to favorable nautical accessibility.